Flexible Plans that Scale with Your Use

All sign-ups are free and comes with BASIC plan.
Other requirements? Such as bigger storage, more users, advanced statistics, etc? Contact us!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your free subcription policy?
All sign-ups are FREE and comes with BASIC plan which does not expire. With this plan, you can create up to 5 courses and teach up to 5 students.
What is your paid subcription policy?
  • All prices are in US$ and based on 1 year (365 days) subscription
  • There will not be any refund from any paid plans
  • For renewal, 365 days will be added to the existing plan remaining days
  • For upgrade, the existing plan(if paid) will be refunded based on the remaining days. The refunded amount will be used to pay towards the new plan
  • For downgrade, there will not be any refund from the existing plan
  • If a paid plan gets expired, it will be automatically switch to BASIC plan. Note: BASIC plan does not expire
What is meant by "active students"?
Students who are enrolled in a course are considered active students.
What is meant by "privately taught course"?
A privately taught course is available only to those whom you have invited to enroll in that course. You control the user access. At any onetime, you can disenroll the user from that course. There are 2 ways to invite users. 1) via email invitations and 2) via Facebook. Also there’s a unique URL provided which you can share with users as well.
What is meant by "publicly taught course"?
A publicly taught course is available to all users of CloudPrez. It can be paid or free. Please note that teaching your course publicly requires CloudPrez administrator approval. Once it is approved, the course can be enrolled by all users from “Browse Publicly Available Courses” listing.